Creme Brulee for Two

This is THE BEST Recipe for Classic Vanilla Creme Brulee for Two. It's the perfect sweet ending to any special meal you make at home!


Heavy cream, vanilla bean egg yolks, granulated sugar turbinado sugar, berries for garnish if desired

Prepare the cream

Bring cream to a simmer over high heat in a small saucepan. Cut the vanilla bean in half widthwise then one of the halves lengthwise. Scrape the seeds from both halves of the halved pod into the cream then add the vanilla bean pieces.

Whisk eggs and sugar

Combine egg yolks and sugar in a bowl and beat until pale yellow and thick. 

Combine the cream and eggs and sugar.

Prepare the pan, fill and bake.

Place a paper towel on the bottom of a baking pan. Set the ramekins on the paper towel, fill with even amounts of the custard mixture, add boiling water to the pan and bake.

Let cool.  Sprinkle the top evenly with turbinado sugar. Using a torch, carefully brown the top to caramelize the sugar to form a hard candy coating.

A Romantic Dessert Perfect for Date Night!

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