Mississippi-Style Boneless Short Ribs

In this slow cooker version of the classic pot roast, Mississippi-Style Boneless Short Ribs are made without processed, packaged mixes and the stick of butter.  However, they're just as flavorful with buttery tenderness!


Brown Ribs

Season short ribs with black pepper and place in the skillet. Brown on all sides. Place in the slow cooker.

Add garlic, pepperoncini, cherry peppers and cooked onion to slow cooker.

Slow Cook

Make A Slurry

Cook on high for 4 ¼ hours. Remove 1 cup of the cooking liquid and mix with flour to make a slurry.

Add the slurry to the slow cooker. Cook UNCOVERED on high for 30 minutes.

Cook Uncovered

Let it rest so the gravy continues to thicken. Serve and ENJOY!

Braised Beef Short Ribs with Cauliflower Leek Puree

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